Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nokia N95 reiew

- Camera
specifications (Resolution: 2582 x 1944 pixels, CMOS sensor, Mechanical shutter:1/1000 to 1/3s, Focal length: 5.6 mm, F-Stop/Aperture: f/2.8, Focus range: 10 cm to infinity, Auto Focus, Carl Zeiss Optics, Flash, Red-Eye Reduction)
but can we say that we can leave the digital camera at home and use out n95 one, to answer this i had to take alot of pics with different situation to see (i already got n95 to stop carrying my digital cam with me)
here is some pics to see:

how it work:
open the lens cover and it will bring the camera sw, the thing i liked it will come horizontal and u can use the camera button as u use any digital cam
there is a list of icons in the right that is used for:
  • scene mode (auto, user, landscape, close-up (macro, very useful, auto-focus then works down to about 7cm), etc.)
  • flash mode (auto, on, off, red-eye reduct)
  • self-timer, sequence mode (for arty effects)
  • exposure adjustment (+2 to -2EV at 0.5 step, excellent for shooting important shots on very sunny days)
  • white balance
  • colour tone
  • light sensitivity (ISO)
  • contrast
  • sharpness (edge enhancement)
the problem with this cam is that it has no optical zoom, i dont prefer the digital zoom as it destroy the pics, so for me if i want to zoom i go near :)
the size of the pics is too big for me so i guess 3 megapixel is enough for me for now

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