Wednesday, August 29, 2007

GPS Maps and Egypt

i have tried the maps of Egypt, it's not that accurate but it has alot of data for some places but for high ways it's not that good
i guess we need maps from other systems and try to add it to N95

Problem of GPS for the first time

i found allot of my friends with N95 having problems running the GPS for the first time
i found that for the first time you have to run Tools --> GPS data in a wide area for about 10-30 mins
till you got a connection then it will be easy to run it again
but take care it may not run in homes and car and the time till it connect depends on the area you are in
some times take 20 secs and some times takes 5 min

Complete Nokia N95 Maps guide

i found this great guide for using the GPS and MAPS with the N95 created by the Symbian-Blog
it has a details about searching, tracking, and route planning
the link is here

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ask Question Here

i found that ppl cant ask questions in the right place so i created this post, so just post ur questions and i'll try to answer it asap