Friday, July 20, 2007

Making builtin IM work

at last i find a way in the internet to make builtin IM to work
1- Just hop over to and register (click fetch contacts if you want to get them)
2- you will got an email with password and login with them
3- open IM on mobile and define new server with the following:

Server Name: anyname
Access Point: select the one you use to internet.
Web Address:
User ID: your username
Password: your password

for more info:

I'm having problems these days connecting to the MSN either contacts not shown or the contacts is always shown offline, but i dont have problems with yahoo account


Samer Azmy said...

oh, big hit
that is our team leader, I tried to make it before, but I never made it through, thank u for the tips

Samer Azmy said...

does that breaks any privacy, now you chat through a third part.
do you have any idea about that ?

waelaase said...

no i dont have any idea but on the website they have allot talks about that but now i have problems with my MSN contacts it always either disappears or be offline, it work better for yahoo