Tuesday, March 18, 2008

N95 + Python + Sensor = Magic

i have tried it
allot of python scripts that show the capabilities of the N95 Sensor
i'll try to add all these scripts here so you can try
in the next post i'll try to describe the sensor API with a tutorial for using it (Hope so)

first you need to install Python for S60 from here
second you need to install Python Script from here
create a folder called python on the memory card and add the python scripts in it
from python program run the script

1-Accelerometer Graphing
a other tool for the N95 Accelerometer


2-N95 acceleroball demo
a modification for the ‘ball.py’ example that ships with Nokia’s distribution of Python for Series 60 to move using the sensor

3- N95 sensor - Rotation sensor
Program an application that uses the built-in sensor of the N95 device as a rotation sensor. When turning the phone to the left, right, up, down, the application should trigger a pop-up note telling left, right, up, down respectively

4- pyPoziomica
Allows you to use your phone as a level tool

5- BallGame
A fun game the requires you to move to move a ball bearing through a maze.
**!! Sign the PythonScriptShell_1_4_1_3rdEd.sis & PythonForS60_1_4_1_3rdEd.SIS!!**
1. Install and aXYZ module by Cyke64.
2. Install Python Shell.
2. Copy the accserver2.py script to the Python scripts folder.
3. Put Python in background and start the BallGame midlet.
Just post a comment if you need any help.

the rest of the application will come soon after i test them

if you have a script that is not listed here please add to complete the list

Monday, March 3, 2008

How to sign unsigned Nokia Application

I got allot of question after the rotate me application asking how to sign the software
so i found this tutorial (credits go to Team 3G365)
the signing process is:

1) Go to here, and register a new account

2) Go to My Symbian Signed >>> Open Signed and download DevCertRequest tool.
Direct link:

3) Install the downloaded application (DevCertRequest_2.1.1.exe) in your PC and download the private keyfile (sultan.key in here)

4) It's time to create the certification request: open the DevCertRequest application you just installed and fill in the fields like this:

Use the key you just downloaded ( sultan.key ).
Private keyfile password: 0123456

5) Go ahead to next steps and follow examples shown below:

6) Insert your IMEI no. (IMEI of your phone can be obtain with *#06#) and add all application capabilities:

) Insert your IMEI no. (IMEI of your phone can be obtain with *#06#) and add all application capabilities:

8 ) Go back to Symbian Signed website and go to My Symbian Signed >>> Developer Certificates >>> Request
direct link: https://www.symbiansigned.com/app/barclayhtml/devcert/requestupload.jsp

and upload the Certificate Request file you just created

9) Go to My Symbian Signed >>> Developer Certificates >>> My DevCert
direct link: https://www.symbiansigned.com/app/page/devcert/certListdownload

and download your certificate

10) Create a folder and place in FExplorer.sis, the certificate you downloaded from Symbian Signed website, Private Keyfile (sultan.key) and signsis.exe and auto_signsis.bat (you can find it in the archive attached above)

11) Open auto_signsis.bat with notepad

signsis nokiaApplicatio.sis nokiaApplicatio_signed.sis xxxxxx.cer sultan.key 0123456

(xxxxxx.cer is the certificate you created, and downloaded from Symbian Signed web site change it with yours)

- save auto_signsis.bat (do not use Save-As just Save)

12) double click on auto_signsis.bat This will create a new file called Application_signed.sis , install it and enjoy this great App