Wednesday, July 4, 2007


1- when downloading Nokia MapLoader and trying to install it gives "program to big to fit in memory
solution: uncompress the exe file "i use winrar" and you get a folder with maploader exe file run it and it will install
2- i used to synchronize my imate with microsoft outlook, now when i got my n95 tried to synch with MS outlook to get all my contacts, i got them with no numbers only the names
solution: not yet
3-you can hard reset N95 by entering the following code *#7370# followed by the default lock code 12345
4- another way to reset N95 by Pressing and holding [3], [GREEN] and [*] while powering on and wait for the hands to join up
5- after upgrading the mobile i tried to upload the maps by nokia maploader but it allways failed with cant find mobile i found on nokia website that 2 things should be done before uploading maps to phone - connect in mass storage mode, and run the map application on nokia once before uploading maps

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