Tuesday, July 3, 2007

i just got my new nokia N95

This Blog is dedicated for the testing my new Nokia N95 mobile
if you have any questions just post it here and i'll try to answer asap
Nokia N95 Specifications :
- 5 mega-pixel camera with auto-focus and flash
- 30 frames per second 640x480 video recording
- GPS and turn-by-turn directions
- wireless stereo
- IM clients
- secondry camera for video calling
- MMS support
- VOIP internet calling
- ....
i got my N95 with the latest firmware so i dont have all the problems that is in the old firmwares, my concern is mainly with GPS, battery, and the heat ;)


Samer Azmy said...

What about the IM client ?
which network does it run ?Jabber/Yahoo or MSN
have you tried with WEP networks ,does it work fine ?
What about VPN connectivity ?

waelaase said...

there are alot IM clients like
- agilemessnger
- im+ by shapeservices
and there is a builtin client that some says it support msn
i'll try to test it in the next days

waelaase said...

- yes it works with WEP i tried it yesterday changing my wireless modem to WEP and it works
- for VPN there is a NOKIA VPN Clinet in nokia site it works on the 6600 but need to check it on the N95 i'll try to download it and check out