Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Firmware Upgrade 12.0.013

yesterday i find a new update for my n95
first i run the nokiaupdate tool and it find a new version (about 50mb) then i run it again it found a new firmware update (it's 112 MB strange)
after that the mobile restarted and i lost all i have on it ;)
- after update i couldnot connect to the mobile with datalink and i found that the default on my pc for connection is not to use the datalink :)
- i have an error on my mobile every time i connect it to my pc and the pc try to get the photos saying "cannot install from memeory card" cannot find solution yet
- upgrade add new applications to download section on mobile like "mail for exchange"
- all the application that i was installed on my memory card did not recognized and i had to install from the start

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