Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nokia Maps v2.0.2602 S60v3 Unsigned Cracked

Nokia Maps v2.0 is an application supported on Nokia N-series,E-series and s60 phones too.This Maps can download the maps of your route in to your mobile.Nokia Maps having maps for more than 200 countries.So you can plan your tour with this Nokia Maps.

This application helps us in finding a traffic less route for our destination.Get a clear view of the road ahead with Drive.This nokia maps having world class car navigation with visual and voice guidance.This Nokia maps boosted with real-time traffic feed and dynamic routing.If your way is suffering from traffic jam then the Nokia Maps will get you a new way to your destination.It will also informs you if a problem ahead.So by using this Nokia maps you can easily plan your tour without traffic jams and waste of time.


you need to sign the application described here

Thursday, July 10, 2008

LocatioNet launches free mapping and navigation service, amAze

This is a piece of genius. You know when you’ve just taken your N95 out of its packaging and you wait patiently for the GPS to activate… THEN you flick up the Maps application… only to find that you’ve only got the basics. Total arse. If you want everything — the enhanced, proper service — you have to download and pay for it.

Not anymore.

amAze is LocatioNet’s free mapping and navigation service which works on regular mass-market mobile handsets. It gives regular java-enabled handsets access to mapping, satellite imagery, route-planning, weather forecasts and locally relevant search information. AND voice-guided navigation if you’ve got yourself a bluetooth GPS — or if you’ve got an N95 and patience.

I met LocatioNet’s President, Ofer Tziperman, a wicked chap, this week and he demonstrated the technology to me. It’s very smart. They’re able to give the end user free access to the service (obviously, data charges apply if you’re stupid enough to still be with an operator busy hosing you for data fees) by adopting an ad-funded approach. Income is generated via advertisements (i.e. cash machines displayed on the map) as well as sponsorship of the service.

LocatioNet are no flash in the pan. They’ve been around for over 16 years and they know exactly what they’re doing. For example, the amAze application doesn’t do much calculation. No. That would take a load of handset resources and is thoroughly inefficient. Instead, when you need a route calculated, the details are fired off to the amAze server that does the computing and within a second, the results are fired back to the handset. Very smart indeed.

This would be a great application for the likes of Shell, Texaco, BP or somebody to give to their customers.

Get yourself a free copy of amAze at I’ve got more to post, including a particularly wicked example of how a 14 year old using amAze on his bike beat Denmark’s most experienced GPS navigation expert armed to the teeth with oodles of standard Garmin GPS technology. Heh, excellent.

I'll try it today although they dont have maps for egypt, but i'll give it a try and soon add my feed back

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Share your live status on Facebook

this application that you can put in your profile and it allows your friends to check your status such as calendar availability and location. Since the data is pulled straight from the device it is always up-to-date.

In addition to status data your friends can send you a free text message directly from the profile. Messages appear on the phone just as a normal text message. Your friends can ask a live photo from your device with a single click on the application.

get it from here

mobile web server

it's a project to port the Apache web server to the symbian operating system,
The project was subsequently handed over to the open source community
Nokia have recently wrapped the web server as user friendly software with a supporting website:
i've tried it on my nokia N95 and amazingly it provides complete access to the contents of my mobile phone via the web
i use the pc browser and load a web page then i can control my phone completely from the web site

Installing the mobile web server software on your phone, allows you to use the software on any number of devices…your phone; a desktop client with web browser; a games console; or any other internet enabled device, even someone else’s mobile phone

as the number of mobile phones is greater than all web servers in the internet, imagine if every mobile phone has a web server, it will make a new bigger internet and it will change how the internet evolve

Mobile Phone Tracking with a Nokia N95

Since last post and i'm searching the tracking of the N95 using internal GPS
I came across this great web site
it uses the mobile web server and google maps to show the location of the mobile

This is how it works
The latest generation of Nokia mobile phones are 'location aware...they know of their location. Some devices ship with embedded GPS receivers, for example the N95; other devices estimate their location from their proximity to telephone masts.

In addition to location aware mobile phones, Nokia have also released a mobile web server (MWS), a port of the Apache webserver developed to run on mobile devices. So...just as you might surf to the BBC website, Google website, or this website, you can also surf to web sites hosted on Nokia mobile phones running their mobile web server software. When the web server software is running on the mobile phone, web requests can be made to the phone for its current location, and that's exactly what is happening here.

Using a combination of the Google Maps AJAX implementation and a PHP script, a web request can be made to web server running on the mobile phone; the location of the phone\web server is returned as XML and mapped as a marker on the map opposite.

I'm trying to see the code to try it

I'll keep you posted with news

FindOnAMap show where your mobile

today i found a service for showing where is your mobile on a MAP

here you can register your mobile download a software and it can use internal or external GPS device to send location to the website
you got a serial that you can give to your friends that can use to see where is your mobile

try it and tell me what you think

Nokia to buy out Symbian OS

Nokia has announced its intention to purchase the remainder of Symbian Ltd to create a non-profit Symbian foundation aimed at turning the OS into a single open source mobile platform.

Nokia will soon pay €264 million ($412 million at today’s exchange rate) for the remaining 52% of Symbian to become the sole owner.

The new Symbian Alliance will comprise Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, NTT DoCoMo, AT&T, LG, Samsung, STM icroelectronics, Texas Instruments, and Vodafone

Rotate Me V 2.10 signed(shoud be opensign to use)

- Auto-rotation of the screen ( in portrait (0°) and landscape (90°) )
- NEW: A hotkey to activate/deactivate auto-rotation: Press pen + camera
- To reduce the battery consumption, auto-rotation is deactivated:
* After a delay of inactivity defined in the settings
* During a phone call (New in this beta: Also during dialing)
* When the keypad is locked
- NEW: A user interface
- NEW: Settings: * Sensitivity: Better than words, look at this schema:

* Reactivity: 30 (high): The screen will rotate as soon as the phone is in landscape / portrait postion (according to the sensitivity range) 0 (low): You have to keep the phone rotated for a while Low reactivity prevents unwanted rotation when the phone is shaked
* Auto Start: Auto launch rotateMe at phone boot
* Inactivity Delay: After this inactivity delay, auto-rotation will be stopped. Press a key to reactivate auto-rotation
* Priority: High priority allow a better reactivity when big apps are launched * System App. : When activated, prevent rotateMe to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions

This application work on N95, N95 8Gb and N82.
A special version (v1.50) for N80, N73, E65, N81... without auto-rotation is at work


NOKMOTE Beta2 unsigned opensigning allowed

Hi from now onwords you no need to request for signing of Nokmote.

This is a Nokmote which is allowed to sign openly.

so you can sign this application with your own by reading the following post.




open signing is available now.

you can use the service at here.


THAT IS they are putting a limitation on OPEN SIGNING.

with this limitation we can sign only some applications which enables open signing.

Some of the applications that we cant sign with open signing are given bellow



3.NOKEMOTE ......etc


* Open Signed Online currently does not allow you to sign a SIS that is allocated to someone else and hasn't been enabled for Open Signing; i.e. if the email address you use for Open Signed Online MUST match the email address of the account which created a UID.
* Alternatively the service will allow signing of SIS files with UIDs in the Test Range; i.e. 0xE0000000...0xEFFFFFFF.


1.go to

2.there will be a form as shown above

3.enter the particulars


click send


They will accept your application to sign and they will send you a conformation mail which you had provided.

In that they will give you one link, this link is used to conformation only.

after conformation they will send you the DOWNLOAD link, from this link you can get your signed applications.


This is a media player from Microsoft and called as windows media player which allows us to play various audio and video files on our mobiles.

This windows media player can play the files with extensions MP3s, WMAs and WMVs and many more formats.

And it is a full version.

Just follow the instruction given bellow to play files on your mobile.

1) when u succesfully install this, go to now playing.

2) go to playlist

3) menu, add files

4) go E:/, sound, digital, choose ur song & it will display a "added" word.

5) lastly press all the way back, then menu, finish.

This Windows media player is available for phones with 240 X 320, 176 X 220.

Download the appropriate file for your model.

DOWNLOAD 240 X 320

DOWNLOAD 176 X 220

Flip Silent V1.05 SIGNED OPENLY

This Flip Silent application can be signed using open signing.So it should be signed openly.

The major features of this application are given bellow.

1, Flipover the phone to hangup or mute an incoming call!
2, Flipover to snooze or stop the alarm!
3, More power save, Stop the sensor ASAP!
4, Full control of switching between profiles, both flip over and flip back!
5, Internationalization: supports 10 languages!
6, Slider back to hangup the call!

What's NEW?
1, slider down to answer a call with loudspeaker!
2, slider back to end up call!
3, hide FlipSilent from the task list !

It supports only phones with Accelerator
N95, N95 8GB, N82, N93i.