Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nokiamaps (smart2go) on PPC

I found this version of smart2go (nokiamaps) that runs on ppc
i tried it on my old imate and it works fine
1- download this cab and install on memory card
2- Download maps from here
3- expand the maps in folder Sorage Card/Program File/Smart2go/cities/diskcache

Enjoy the program

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Name Any Tune With Shazam iD

this application may be old, but i just found it, it seems mazing
Shazam iD, an application that gives you the title and artist of any song playing wherever you are. Your phone listens to a few seconds of the song, analyzes it, searches some database online, then shows the information all within a few seconds. I’m dumbfounded how it’s possible, but this really cool to show off!
Shazam iD Shazam iD
Shazam iD on S60 Shazam ID on Nokia S60


The official Shazam site says it is only available to UK users and can only be downloaded by sending an SMS first. But there are other ways to download that app if you are not in the UK… try this Nokia Mosh download link or this S60 download link.

Gamers still loves PS2

as I'm a lover of PlayStation 2 and I'm still playing with it a lot,
I'm very happy to find that in Nielson’s 2008 Trend Summary top ten lists, people still spend more time with Playstation 2’s than any other gaming console. Based on usage minutes, the PS2 nearly doubles the time of the runner-up, the XBox 360, followed by the Wii, and then, interestingly enough, the traditional XBox beats out the Playstation 3.
Also, World of Warcraft (one of my favorite PC games) is the most-played PC game, played by nearly 1% of all gamers in the United States, at an average of 671 minutes per week. Call of Duty and Halo are next.
Also for mobile gaming, The top mobile game in the US last year was Tetris, followed by Bejeweled, then Guitar Hero III.

the List contains alot about other things like movies find it here

Thursday, January 1, 2009

install unsigned application on Nokia N95 8GB V30.0.018

This is the way worked for my new N95 8gb

Step 1: Install all applications in the link (x-plore, CapsOff, CapsOn, and HelloCarbide)

Step 2: Copy installserver.exe and CProfDriver_SISX.ldd into memory card

Step 2: Launch X-plore, press “0″. Tick Show hidden files, Show ROM drives, Show RAM drives and Show system files/folders. Exit the configuration, and let X-plore run in the background.

Step 3: Run HelloCarbide, and select Menu1. Select Yes when a message appears.

Step 4: Open X-plore, move E:\installserver.exe and E:\CProfDriver_SISX.ldd to C:\sys\bin

Step 5: Restart phone.

Step 6: Install CapsOff and CapsOn. CapsOff enables you to see and travel through hidden/restricted directories. CapsOn turns back to normal. Remember to always run CapsOn everytime you’re done viewing/copying restricted folders.

Done!! You can install all unsigned applications and games from now on. Enjoy~!!

Download link:

Credits to Drakkarious and FCA00000