Friday, October 31, 2008

Smart2go Mobile Navigator for PDA/PNA Cracked

Requirements: any PDA or PNA and optionally a CF or BT GPS
receiver for navigation
Overview: With its new generation of easy-to-deploy, first-choice OEM navigation software for PNDs and PDAs, NOKIA gate5 GmbH launches its award winning navigation system smart2go™. NOKIA gate5 GmbH works with leading hardware manufacturers around the world. The navigation solution has won numerous awards for its high-speed applications, unique user interface design and enormous variety of additional .
More Info:

Download Instructions:

download software and cracked exe file from here
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The Crack from here

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unzip archive to ensure that, your sdcard have these folders and files:
\\SD Card\MobileNavigator
\\SD Card\MobileNavigator\cities
\\SD Card\MobileNavigator\prefs
\\SD Card\MobileNavigator\device.cfg
\\SD Card\MobileNavigator\MobileNavigator.exe
\\SD Card\MobileNavigator\\etc, etc, etc
unrar cracked (time limit removed) MobileNavigator.exe to replace the original

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Supported Flash Mobile Devices spreadsheet updated

Bill updated the Flash Mobile devices spreadsheet, and the total supported devices count across various handset OEMS are (according to Bill):

• Nokia (Global) = 94 devices
• Sony Ericsson (Global) = 75 devices
• Verizon Wireless (US) = 19 devices
• NTT DoCoMo (Japan) = 150 devices
• KDDI (Japan) = 111 devices
• Softbank (Japan) = 60 devices

You can download the spreadsheet here.

Flash Mobile Device Spreadsheet

P.S. Wonder what these numbers will be like into next year, with the additional efforts of the Open Screen Project coming to fruition … in terms of mobile, portable, embedded, and other devices.

AccuWeather Flash Lite application featured via Forum Nokia Innovation

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YouTube - AccuWeather Flash Lite App for Symbian.jpg

AccuWeather has a Flash Lite weather application featured on youtube via Forum Nokia Innovation 2008.

Who said weather is boring? Not so, with the experience you can have if you leverage Flash Lite on Nokia S60, as well as the numerous other device platforms that support Flash!

Watch the video.

Symbian Boosts Developer Options With Ruby Programming Language

Symbian has announced the release of Ruby for the Symbian OS, enabling developers to use the Ruby language to create applications for Symbian-based handsets and devices.

Symbian is releasing Ruby for Symbian OS to the Open Source software developer community. Ruby for Symbian OS brings the power of the Ruby programming language to the Symbian ecosystem under the terms of this Licence Agreement.

Ruby is a powerful dynamic language that reaches the heights of the pure Object Oriented Programming paradigm and gives a wealth of language features like exceptions, blocks, closures, regular expressions, collections, meta-classing and much more.

Whilst no mass market application has yet to come from that direction, what does look certain is that Ruby is enjoying a growing popularity in different developer communities. Within these communities, there's also a curiosity to see how certain tasks can be coded elegantly or easily with dynamic languages.

According to the notes accompanying the release, Symbian officials said: "Ruby is a powerful dynamic language that reaches the heights of the pure Object Oriented Programming paradigm and gives a wealth of language features like exceptions, blocks, closures, regular expressions, collections, meta-classing and much more. Ruby is enjoying a growing popularity in different developer communities."

David Wood, Symbian EVP of Research commented, "This project has been carried out in part to accelerate work on an EC-funded project, GREDIA, At the same time we hope that we can benefit all Symbian developers and the Ruby community". John Pagonis, project lead from Pragmaticomm, said "It has been both fun and productive working with Ruby and open source on Symbian OS" Come and see Ruby 1.9 on Symbian OS for yourself!

Friday, October 24, 2008

List of freeware for Nokia

I found this free software list here
Enjoy it

Certificate Problems
If you get error “Certificate Error, contact the application supplier”. To accept all applications Go to Tools > App. mgr > Options > Settings. Change “software installation” from “Signed Only” to “All” and “Online certificate check to “off”.

If you get “Certificate Expired” Go to Menu > Tools >Settings > General > Date and Time and set the date to an earlier day , one year should be enough. You can change the date back after you have installed the application.

.SIS or .SISX application

Unsigned .SIS or .SISX application, This will need to be signed,

Java application

Adobe Flash application

Gold Star Rating, I highly recommend this application

RockNScroll is another Accelerometer based application similar to Samir’s RotateMe, The good thing about RockNScroll it does more than rotate images, you can use it to open programs and many other things too, There are a lot of detailed settings so that you can use it for gaming or normal everyday use.
The application is unsigned and quite complicated to understand at first, so the guy’s at KEYnetik have produced a useful user guide video

This Application allows you to turn off your phone at a set time. It is very simple and useful if you need this feature.
The application needs to be signed via SymbianSigned process.

Enhanced Calculator
This calculator from Nokia beta Labs, has standard ans scientific modes as well as a load and interest calculator. Nokia say “In essence, this is the same calculator application that is pre-installed in several Nokia phones based on Series 40″ it is an improvement over the default calculator. Download from NokiaBetaLabs

N95 Lightsaber
A developer named Graham Oldfield has used the Accelerometer in the N95 to create a simple lightsabre out of the N95! The latest version 1.62 has even better settings, allowing you to choose the colour, sound level etc. You also need to install the Accelerometer plugin which comes in the zip file.

Theme Scheduler
Here is another useful Scheduler by Dr Jukka, this time its Themes Scheduling. The application is simple to use, you can set the day/ Time and frequency of the automation. The application is Unsigned , therefore it needs signing with symbian (details on his page). It a useful application and a simple way to remind yourself of those cool themes you often forget about.

Profile Scheduler
This application is by Dr Jukka who makes Y-Browser and Y-Fake Messages. It allows you to change Profiles automatically whenever you want . There are good options and a setting for Random profiles. The application needs signing , there are links on his page for the signing process.

SMS Scheduler 1.0.7
This application by Lombrozo allows you to send text messages when you want. You could scheduler birthday text or reminders with options of hourly to yearly frequency.
It requires
Python to be installed but doesn’t need signing.

Y Fake Messages
Y Fake Messages is an application that allows you to send fake messages to yourself. You can choose the time, day and sender in the options. It is a useful tool to remind yourself of things to do like the Calendar Memo feature. The application needs to be signed, which is a small drawback and details on the signing process can be found on my main page in section 3. Once the application is installed you will find it in the Main Menu screen inside the Dr Jukka folder not the applications folder.

This application Alerts you when you nearing speed cameras whilst driving. I usually test all the applications before featuring them but i haven’t i this case, so i have taken most of the information from their website. It is designed to operate either in conjunction with Nokia Maps, or in the background (e.g. whilst using another application or in standby) and popup to the foreground with an audio visual alert, then return to the background. There are a number of file to install, and you will need to update speed camera info. The developer homepage gives you links for all the relevant details.
They have tested it on a N95-1 with Nokia Maps v.2., it also requires python to be installed.

Star Wars Imperial Ace
In this game you are the Imperial fighter, shooting down x-wings and other things.
There are really good quality graphics and guides. it was apparently originally used in Siemens phones and has been resized for N95. Use the Dark side!!

FreeCallSprite is a dial-up vibration application by junnikokuki that basically vibrates when you make a call until the other person answers the phone.
You could of course hold it in your hand or just leave the phone on a table vibrating as the vibration is quite strong you will certainly notice when the it stops!


This freeware application by Yohanes allows you to see your N95 Internet Connection details like I.P address, DNS, Gateway and many others.
It is similar to using the PC command prompt
ipconfig /all.

Theme launcher
To change themes on a N95 you have to go to Menu/tools/settings/general/personalisation/themes, well Theme launcher simply creates the themes folder in the application menu so you can move it to the main folder(root). This allows you to quickly change your themes. Its a really simple idea but really useful saving time and effort.

Theme Magic beta
This application use the accelerometer inbuilt in the N95 to Change themes when you shake your phone. This is a beta version and does not have full settings capability. I found it difficult to see the new changed theme before selecting it but i am sure this is something that will improve when the full freeware version is available. For more details on Theme Magic visit Symbian Freak

Beeper is a freeware application by Ariek44 that is simliar to the popular Timebar. It can show the date, Time, Battery or signal strength or RAM use on the Inactive Screen. You will need to install Python for the applicaton to work, i have provided a copy in the zip file.
Generally Beeper is more customizable than Timebar, but both allow you to move the display around the screen using XY coordinates.
The Bar display type is changed by selecting “Bar info”. You can also set hourly alarm tones as with Timebar by creating .mp3 tracks. I have provided a Timebar set of basic hourly tones in the zip folder. You can change the hour alert range, though i did have problems getting the correct hourly time voice alert.

The screenshots left show the Options available in Beeper, you can “Restart your phone” start specific applications at allocated times as well as changing the colour of the text and background of the display.

For RGB Colours see ColorSchemer

For more details on Beeper see SymbianFreak

Nokia Internet Radio beta
Nokia have produced an Internet Radio application that allows you to listen to Radio stations from around the world via the Internet. You can browse radio stations by language, genre or most popular. There are added details which pop up as you browse each section like station details. If you connect via WLAN with a Music speaker system you can get a very good listening experience.
This application is still in beta version, which means there maybe small bugs which will be fixed in future versions. I personally had problems using GPRS internet connection with “Connection TimeOut” errors but with WLAN the connection was very good without any loss of signal. Download the application and get more details and demos from the Nokia website

Battery Voice
This freeware application speaks your Battery level out loud! After starting the application simply shake the phone to active the Battery Voice. This version is in English, but you could change the .wav files to your own language.
This application needs python installed and a copy is in the zip file. There are also images and sounds folders which need to be placed in External Memory Card: z / others.

Battery Widget
This Battery widget simply shows your current battery level. Widgets only work on N95 with later firmware v.21 and N95 8GB. To Install widgets move the.wgz file to your phone, then open the file within the phone to start the installation process. The installed Widget is located in the applications folder.

iBattery and Clock Screensaver
This .swf file is a Screensaver that shows you battery strength and current time. The application can be viewed using the Flash lite player located in your Media folder on the phone.
If you want to display a Screensaver on your phone, you need to got to Menu / Tools / Settings / General / Personalisation / Themes / Power saver and then choose Animation. You can also change the time delays and back light.

G Desk
G Desk is an amazing application that allows you to customize your N95 and N95 8GB. In a way it is a bit like a theme where you can change the background and icons, but you can
also position the icons where ever you want.
The G desk website has information on downloads, designs and even a forum.
You can download version 0.26a from their website here.

This application looks great and has lots of options, some shown left, but it does take a while to create the design you want.
You need to install the main application and any additional applications, provided in the zip folders Taskmanager, Icons, clocks etc.
The .gdd file are the background images and they need to be moved to a folder in your phone memory.
I would recommend taking a look at the designs first to get some ideas, it will take some time to create a look you want, but if you love customizing then this is an application for you!

DivX mobile player
To play .AVI video files rather than the mp4.Tutorial for creating .AVI video files here
The Latest version 0.90 produces an “Update Error” when updating from 0.89, this is easily fixed by removing the old application first, rather than Updating.
To remove the old version go to Menu/ App Mgr. locate the Divx Player and select Options/ Delete (Or press the “C” Button to delete).
Now you will be able to Install Divx 0.90 without any Problems.

Wake Up Me otherwise known as pyBudzik by the developer Damian is an application that allows you to change your default alarm sound to the Radio, LCGJukebox, FIVN player or “Other” application from z:/sys/bin.
It can open another application like realplayer by using this
string Z:\sys\bin\MediaPlayer.exe but i cannot open a track just the application, so it is not so useful in this mode.
To set your Alarm tone to you favourite track go to Menu/Tools/Settings/General/Personalisation/Tones/ClockAlarmTone and choose the track from your Music Library.
You need to install Python to make the application work and i have supplied both applications in the zip folder.

Shake SMS is a freeware application by TongRen that uses the accelerometer in the N95 to open text messages when you shake the phone. There are good options and useful settings,
There are 3 versions available but the one i have linked in the title is the symbian signed version, so you can use it straight away.

Mobile Weather 1.1
Mobile weather is a freeware application that allows you to get weather forecasts for hundreds of different cities around the world. This application uses Yahoo weather as it source and therefore needs and internet connection to retrieve the initial data. It will remember different locations that you set and has good options for updating the forecast.

WorldMate is a freeware application that allows you to get Weather Forecasts, Currency info and World Clocks on your N95. This freeware version does not include other features available on the main screen (marked with a star). The weather info is not as detailed as Mobile weather but shows a 5 days forecast. The link goes to there home page where you can choose the N95 or N95 8GB version to download.
You are
initially asked to register an email account.

Nokia DJ Mixer
This Nokia application came out in 2007 from th Nseries India website and is available for most Nokia Nseries phones. It basically allows you to mix tracks from your music library and also make Karoke tracks. You can create playlists and save them, which is really useful because gettings track is a little slow due to need to the constant Read data approval.

Although you can load a long playlist you can only mix 2 tracks at one time.

I have to say i found this application a lot of fun, its quite simple to use and if you play the phone through a stereo system the mixing sounds quite good :)
You can download the Jar file from the Title at the top or visit the Nseries India website to sign up here

Mp3 editor
Mp3editor is a tool to cut/join Mp3 on your phone. For me I prefer to edit mp3 on a pc with MP3DirectCut but this gives you the opportunity to do it anywhere from your mobile. The application has a few small problems: the Key options does not show up on the screen, and they are important to know they are

Use left soft key for menus and right key to cancel or exit.
1 & 3= Move start point to right
2= Reset start position
4 & 6= Move end point to left/right
5= Mark end point at current position
7 & 8= Adjust timing steps
Up, down keys= Volume control
Left, right keys= Move position mark

The other problem is that you edit in time(secs) rather than on a graph.
Although i have mentioned a couple of issues i must say i think its a really good application, and its gives you the option to create clips/edits where ever you are.

Syntrax is the first and only professional music software for the mobile phone.
It is a sequencer, sound synthesis and sample editor all wrapped up in a nice little package! A mobile synthesizer in your pocket. Those are the quotes from the Syntrax website, i have to be totally honest, ive had this application sitting around for a while and havent posted it because i have no idea how to use it! I get totally confused at the intricate layout, but i am sure if you use this type of software you will understand it. The good news is the website has tutorials to download and more details.

S60 Ticker (Old free Version) (Latest trial Version)
S60 ticker allows you to show incoming Text messages in a Ticker tape scroll bar on your phone. It is a really good application with excellent settings allowing you to move the scroll bar, Enable Theme support, change scroll speed and many others. The advantage is that you can continue playing games, or writing messages whilst the incoming text.
Ok now the complicated bit, The Earlier version is freeware and the latest version but without the full Settings the latest Full trial version is not free. The earlier version needs one part to be signed! so you have a choice of visiting their Website and getting latest Trial version or download Free version (needs signing). Personally i use the earlier freeware version

Message Mirror lite
Message mirror Lite is a application that backsUp all your messages, even when you have deleted messages from your inbox. You can transfer messages via Bluetooth, Infrared and MMS. This is a freeware version of Message Mirror, both versions are available from the site Wireless-Labs look for the free version.

This freeware application by Ariek44 allows you to move a coin of your choice around the screen. It needs python to be installed and uses the inbuilt accelerometer to control the coins movement. I have provided a zip folder with the necessary python and coins by Teo from symbian freak and myself. Click on the application name to download

This application by Ariek44 turns your n95 into a Spirit level! I’m always wanting to check how level things are REALLY i am, so this is great for me! Well i haven’t checked how accurate it is yet but its pretty cool. It needs python to be installed. You can change the backgrounds or leave it plain. I have provided a zip folder with python and the backgrounds from symbian freak which you could change at a later date.

Reboot or EQ reboot
This is a very basic Reboot application. There are no options once you press the button it will restart the phone . One good thing is that is signed so you can use it straight away.

PyRestart 2.00
This application requires Python to be installed on your phone. It doesn’t need signing which is good and has simple options with a Auto Restart feature. I really liked this application. When it restarts the phone there is no Nokia linking hands clip and no pin card request as with most of the other reboot apps.

NStarter 1.05
Nstarter is a Reboot application with the advantage of having loads of settings and shortcut options. The main disadvantage is that it is Unsigned, so you will need to sign it yourself or submit it to symbian signed (see signing process on main page)

NeoReboot is a recent application that can Restart your Phone. The main drawback is that the application is unsigned.

Google Search
Google Search is a very quick way to search the internet from your phone. The application has a quick key that displays on your Inactive screen for around 3 seconds. I prefer to disable the key as it pops up too often for me and i use one of the 7 keypad shortcut buttons instead.
You can download the application from google mobile website.
If you prefer to install the application to your phone via PC you should be able to find a copy on mosh

Application Quick launch by Yohanes is a simple but very good freeware program that allows you to quickly open applications by name. To save time its a good idea to open it with a shortcut key, as shown in the second image. I also found it necessary to refresh the list in the options after installing, to bring up the full list of application available.

pySnake is a simply but entertaining game that uses the Accelerometer to change the direction of the snake. The action works well and makes the game a little more complicated and interesting than normal. Just tilt the phone to move the direction its that easy. You will need to install Python for s60 for this game to work. python is needed for other applications so its well worth installing it.

Well this continues my collection of old school arcade games. It wasn’t originally made for a N95 but i have resized it and improved the app. icon. This is not ‘Galaxian Mini’ which is a poor substitute. In the resizing process text details have been degraded but the game play is better. Its a copy of the Namco game by Vboarz.
The sound works but is amazingly loud! the vibrate doesn’t seem to work. You can turn the both on/off.

Kingdom of Heaven
This game is based on the 2005 Movie Kingdom of Heaven. The screenshot gives you a good idea of the action? lots of running around in 2D, there are various challenges in each level. I like the use of Orlando Bloom Movie stills.

Voice Breaker
This is a game where you have to shout to destroy the building. The louder you shout the more damage you will do, but look out for the people walking in the road, and try to get the planes and helicopter to crash into the buildings.

This application by Manu uses the speech command inbuilt in N95 to Speak the Date, Time, IMEI, Missed calls, or Last missed call. You may need to download Python1.4 before installing the Speaker application, all the links are on his page.
The application is still in development and you can contact Manu with suggestions for further additions to the speech list or any other ideas you may have.
There are some simple but clever settings which allow you to select a shortcut like contacts on Exit. For example you can set your usual “Contacts” key to open the speaker application which could then say the “Time” then close and bring up the “Contacts” menu. with a little development this could be a useful application.

Mini Sky v1.0
MiniSky is a freeware application map of the constellations or Star Groups. I really dont know my star’s but i’m sure many of you do. The applications works well on the N95.

Opera 4
Opera is an Internet browser that works on mobile phones. It has been around for years now and offers a good alternative to the inbuilt Web browser on your phone. there are loads of settings to play with including opening in full screen and landscape mode. The link opens in the Opera mini homepage where you can see full details of their features.

MobileRAR 0.8
RAR if you don’t already know are a compressed file format similar to Zip, They are commonly used on the internet and emails. WinRAR is a not a free product and this application is not made by them but by a individual developer.
The app. can extract RAR files within your phone, i tested it and it does work, it does have an annoying feature of a using a confirmation screen everytime you move from a file to another.
It is being constantly improved and lets hope newer versions can iron out its small bugs

You tube have now launched their own application for browsing Youtube videos on your N95.
The application works well on my N95 in portrait and landscape mode. The search function is good and remembers previous searches.
The black/grey background is a lot more tasteful than the actual plain white background of the normal website. (Which i changed to Black on firefox a while ago)

HourPower is a simple application that can speak the time using the N95 built in speech commands. It works in English , French and german. Its best launched by a soft key on the standby screen.

This freeware application is a bit of flash! something to impress your friends. When you receive text, calls or even the phone alarm simply turn the phone over the other way and it will reject or stop the action.
You can now set the app. to “Go to sleep” which reduces battery consumption. There are full details one the website link

Location Tagger
This is a freeware application from Nokia beta Labs. It allows you to save the GPS location co-ordinates (latitude/ Longitude) to any picture you take.
You can then use add location pictures to any Maps etc.

Shut Up is a cool application that simply silences your phone by turning it over. It works for Ringtones, Alarm tones and Text alerts. It is of course very similar to Flipsilent.
ShutUp is an Unsigned application.

cCam is a freeware application that feature no shutter sound and flash light options, So if you are fed up with camera tones this is a useful option.

Active Notes
This freeware application is basically ‘Notes’ on Steroids. Its a really good app. that allows you to save a text notes and add an Image, Sound clips and also add any note to a contact.

Timebar is a very useful freeware application that can show the time on all screens whether you are in the menu, music player etc. It can also play a tone or voice alert every hour on the hour (You can turn off particular hours in the settings) . There are only English and Chinese voice tags. The original English Voice Tags were missing 11am,12am,11pm and12pm, so i have edited them and also created new cleaner English Alerts.
You will need to place the ‘Timebar’ Folder in your Phone Memory/ Data/ Sounds/ Timebar (Folder) to get the hourly alert to work. You can change the location and colour of the clock in the settings. If you want to make Voice tags in other languages you can get Text to speech here

Tevero Stopwatch
Finally a freeware Stopwatch for N95 !! It doesnt look as “pretty” as other non freeware apps. but it works well, and was designed for low power use, You need to download the Jar/Jad file zip file and Install to your phone via pc. Install from the .Jad file.

This works as a Stopwatch, with very big numbers, but was not designed as a full stopwatch, it only shows Minutes and Seconds, and the sound timer function doesn’t work properly, but it’s an alternative never the less.

Calcium s60
A good calculator is Calcium, It looks great and works well, my favourite


Conversation is a freeware application from Nokia beta Labs which groups your Calls/Messages by contact name. It works as an extra tab in your contacts Folder. You can organise the list by ‘Time’ or ‘Name’. It makes it easy to see
and reply the entries of a particular person. Thanks to Nohea for reference.

Nokia Device Status
This is a freeware diagnostic tool by Nokia that monitors your phone’s (and PC) system information and allows you to send it to Nokia if you have any problems with your phone.

For a scientific calculator get

Another Calculator, not so simple to use but (note the equals button is Options/Calc) but has other features including Trigonometric functions and graphs, Don’t ask me what they mean, I don’t know.

Want a torch? well not really a torch just uses the white backlight, but its pretty bright at night,

For a Dictionary, try

For a screenshot, try

For viewing files not shown by the Standard Phone’s File manager. Essential if you want to change your Phone’s Font etc.

ActiveFile v1.23 without_allfiles_screencapture.SISx.
I used this application a lot . You can run an On-screen Memory Monitor by selecting Options/ Tools/ Start memory monitor. This screenshot show background tasks running (except the top two) on my N95.

There are 8 application in this set but you ony really need Y-Tasks, Memory Status and Trace to analyse your memory.

CPU Monitor by 3sky
This is a freeware CPU and Ram monitor for anyone interested in analysing the performance of their N95.

This is a large screensaver for people who are fed up with the small time & Details display on the N95. Its Unsigned Freeware.

Call Filter by Anfy
This freeware allows you to Block unwanted callers from your contacts or any specified phone number

RotateMe 2.0
RotateMe is an excellent freeware application that automatically adjusts the direction of the screen from landscape to portrait and back again. The only problem with Rotateme is that it is unsigned, which means you will have to sign the application.

Nokmote is a unsigned freeware application from Samir the man who brought you the excellent application RotateMe, both these applications use the Accelerometer inbuilt in the N95.
NokMote controls the movement of games, pictures, music anything that uses Left/Right keys. It works with many different types of games from Snakes to Quake.To see a video on NokMote here
If you have wondered why i haven’t mentioned RotateMe before, its for 2 reasons, first its an unsigned application which means you will have to sign it yourself and the other reason . . . . you will find out later this week.

Mosh Application
This is an application from Nokia beta labs. Mosh as i am sure you know, is a website by Nokia for people to share applications, images etc.with other users. All the uploaded content is virus scanned by Mosh, so it should be safe to use.
The application allows you to easily access searches and profile features.
You can visit the site by PC at MoshNokia .
For more details see section 19 of this blog

Widsets are basically websites bookmarks that you can access from your N95 using the Widset application. You can have Widsets on Wikipedia, News, Weather etc and of course My Blog.
Personally i prefer to view websites on a PC but if you are out and about and want to check some websites, Widsets make it easy and quick to access their pages. You can download the application for the phone from their website once you have signed up.

Space Invaders
This java game is almost identical to the 1979 Colour version of Space Invaders, the sounds works and can be changed in the options. Click on the image to download