Thursday, July 23, 2009

CorePlayer Mobile for Symbian S60 3rd Edition

If you're looking to play media on your phone, and need a codec then CorePlayer is where you should be looking. This piece of software can greatly enhance the usefulness of your phone's media option. All that is required is that you have Symbian S60 third edition. Here are a list of specs for the software:

  • YouTube support, with built-in browse and search
  • BlueTooth Stereo (A2DP) and Remote Control (AVRCP) support
  • Programmable Hotkeys
  • Supports over 22 Languages
  • Media library (Manage your RSS Feeds, playlists, podcasts, bookmarks)
  • Podcast Support (Standard and Enhanced)
  • Streaming support (HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, SDP, Unicast, Multicast)
  • IPTV Ready
  • Video: CoreAVC (H.264), AVCHD, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4 part 2 (ASP), DivX, XviD, MJPEG, MSVIDEO1
  • Images: JPG (420, 422, 440), BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Containers: FLV, Matroska, ASX, ASF, TS, PS, M2TS, 3GPP, MOV, AVI, MPEG-4, NSV
  • CoreUI / Universal Skins (Custom interface)

How To Be Notified When Someone Reads A Text From You

You've probably seen this kind of feature in emails before. Basicalll it's a feature where by you're notified when the recipient of your text message opens it up and reads it. The function is simple to execute, and can be very useful if you rely on text messaging for your communication.

All you do is simply type *0# at the beginning of your message. Then be sure you make a space between the character and your actual text. What will then happen is that you'll be notified when the recipient actually opens the text up. It's an added text, but again it has its uses depending on how much you rely on texting.

Browser Shortcut Keys

The Nokia Blog have published a great list of browser shortcut keys for Symbian S60 devices (which includes the N95).

Shortcut Keys

  • Press 1 to open your bookmarks.
  • Press 2 to search for keywords in the current page.
  • Press 3 to return to the previous page.
  • Press 5 to list all open windows.
  • Press 8 to show the page overview of the current page.
  • Press 8 again to zoom in and view the desired section of the page.
  • Press 9 to enter a new web address.
  • Press 0 to go to the start page.
  • Press * or to zoom the page in or out.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hack your S60v5 (nokia 5800 , N97)! allow you to install UNSIGNED applications

NOTE : This HACK WORKS Only to those Who Got Their Certificates From O.P.D.A

  • Download the attach file FP2 HACK TEST and Un-rar it.
  • Copy the Folder "Hack" in to the root Directory E:\
  • Sign the MapDrives.v1.00.Unsigned.sis by your 17 Caps Developers Certificate from O.P.D.A
  • Install HelloO.P.D.A_S60_3_X_v_1_0_0.sisx & MapDrives.v1.00.Unsigned_Signed.sisx
  • Run the MapDrives from application folder [after this, you can open x-plore to find whether the "V" drive is exist or not in your phone. Please make sure you close the x-plore and run it again.]
  • Remove the MapDrivers by going to the Application Manager
  • Run helloO.P.D.A Select Options --> RunUpdaterD
  • Install the updaterD.sisx
  • Now your Phone 5800 is completely HACKED.
  • Thanks to all the people whoever involved in making this happen !
Download ALL Packs :

How To Quickly Get A Certificate To Sign Unsigned S60 Apps



  • Fill in the required details, use can even use a fake address. Just keep the username and password in mind.


  • Follow the directions in the screenshot.


  • Now enter your IMEI number.


  • The website will display a confirmation.


  • Now the wait begins. When I tried, I got my certificate in about 3 hours time. If you are not already logged in, login to see if your certificate is ready.


  • If you see a screen like the following, it means your certificate is ready for download.


  • Thats it, now simply unzip the file and get signing. There is no need of a Sign Key pass code.


How To: Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device Itself (5800 and N97)



  • A S60 3rd Edition or 5th Edition device.


  • Install the application on the phone memory or the memory card/inbuilt storage.
  • Open ‘Free Signer‘, select options and then Settings.

How To: Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device

  • Come to the fourth option, ‘Sign Cert’ and click on it, then navigate to where you have placed the .cer file on your phone and select it.

How To: Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device

  • Do the same for the .key file. You should now see a screen like the following one.

How To: Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device

  • Next simply hit ‘Back’. You are now ready to sign unsigned applications on the phone itself. Please note that you will need to do the above only once.


  • In order to sign a unsigned file present on the phone, click on ‘Add Task’ and navigate to where the application is located. Once you reach the file, hit ‘Options’ and select ‘Add’.

How To: Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device

  • You will then be presented with the following screen, simply select ‘Sign Sis’ from the options.

How To: Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device

  • The file will show up, waiting to be signed. To sign it, simply hit ‘Options’ and then ‘Go!’.

How To: Sign Unsigned Files On A S60 3rd/5th Edition Device

  • That’s it, your unsigned application will now be signed without you needing to use a computer. You will be able to find the signed file in the same location as the original application. A ‘_signed.sisx’ extension would have been added so that you can easily identify the file you can now install.

To sign another application you will only need to follow the steps under ‘Signing Applications’ and not have to do the ‘Initial Setup’ again.

Nokia.Maps.v3.0.0302.S60v3.SymbianOS9.1.Unsigned.C racked-illusion - with rapidshare download link

Introducing the new Maps 3.0Beta, with better maps than ever before, enhanced Drive and Walk navigation and synchronisation with Ovi MapsBeta.

What's new from the previous release?

* Start-up sequence takes you to your current position as soon as position is found. If your position is not found in few seconds, you are taken to last known position
* You can rotate the map, so you can for example view 3D landmarks from all directions. Just press 4 and 6 in map view. Pressing 5 takes you back to 'north up' view
* In 3D view mode, you can tilt the view by pressing 2 and 8
* 2D/3D mode works with all map modes, i.e. with Map/Satellite/Terrain
* My Favourites menu is cleaned up and History list is moved higher in menu
* My Places has option "Point me to" for any saved place/landmark, you the direction to that place on the map
* In addition to the synchronisation of Favourites and Collections with Ovi Maps and vice versa (use in online mode, enable Internet connection), you can now plan routings on Ovi Maps and synchronise to your device
* Finally, many bugs have now been fixed

Compatibility and system requirementsMaps Updater and Map Loader 3.0 require Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.
Maps Updater requires Nokia PC Suite to be installed on your computer.
Maps 3.0Beta works with Nokia devices based on:
S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 (E71, E66, 6110 Navigator, N95, N95 8GB, N82)

Special Note: "Not enough memory to start the application" when attempting to open Maps 3.0 on your device - We have noticed that in some cases, Maps Updater does not fully delete the old map data on the memory card. In order to resolve this, go to your memory card (e.g. via File Manager) and delete the “Cities” folder. After that, restart Maps 3.0.