Thursday, December 24, 2009

unpacking my Nokia N900

at last i got my new Nokia N900
since the N95, i did not get interested in any mobile (may by the N97) until i see the review of the new N900
here is the pictures of the unpacking of the package

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

get symbian developer certificate

Now let you go to imobile website at :
And do this steps.

Step 1: First Register an account.

* Fill in the required fields in register form as screenshot.

With simple register and very fast, and successful.

Step 2 : Apply your imei (*#06#)

After register successful, the system redirect you to this location. Click the green button :

And now you will enter your imei in textbox, then Click button.

System report your apply successful as shown below

Now, you only need waiting...
Then 3 hours, you go back and Login your account

Select the second tab to view the result.
IF you see image like this

1. Download the NOT the
2. Extract it and run the program
3. Input username into top text box, then click the button beside the username box
4. Drag and drop unsigned program into the box below where it says "SISX"
5. Click the button beside the bottom textbox and select location to output file
6. Click the left hand button just below the large box which has the name of the file eg hellox2.sis that you dragged into it
7. New signed file will be created
8. Click ok and get signed file