Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting and Building Chrome OS on ubuntu 9.04

since google announced the new Chrome-OS, and i'm trying to find time to try it
here is how i get the source and build it
also i'll try to add a vmware image so anyone can try it
all the steps are in here
STEPS for Ubuntu
1- Prerequisites
- Download script
- chmod 755
- ./

2- Getting the Chromium OS Source Code
- Download the tarball chromiumos-
- mkdir /usr/local/chromiumos
- chown -R username /usr/local/chromiumos
- tar xfzv chromiumos- /usr/local/chromiumos

3- Build Instructions
- ln -s /usr/local/chromiumos/ ~/chromiumos
- cd ~/chromiumos/src/scripts
- ./ (this will take alot of time)
- ./ (it will download some fonts)
- Download the binary of Chromium here and copy it into ~/chromiumos/src/build/x86/local_assets as (you have to create this directory).
- ./
- ( cd ../platform/pam_google && ./ USERNAME )
- ./
- ./

4- Using your image

4.1 - create a bootable USB
- ./ --from=~/chromiumos/src/build/images/999.999.33309.104530-a1 --to=/dev/sdb1
you will need to adjust the link to image (999.999.33309.104530-a1) and the USB drive (sdb1), also you will need a 4gb usb key
4.2 - Create Vmware image
- ./ --from=~/chromiumos/src/build/images/999.999.33309.104530-a1 --to=~/chromiumos/src/build/images/999.999.33309.104530-a1/chrome.vmdk
you will need to adjust the link to image (999.999.33309.104530-a1), also you will need qemu if you dont have it (sudo apt-get install qemu)

if you dont have Internet access you will not login except if you enabled the local account in these two steps
- ( cd ../platform/pam_google && ./ USERNAME )
- ./

till now i could not enable wifi for my card (Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection)
i'll keep checking and update here