Friday, July 27, 2007

Windows Live Messenger for S60

it's the best MSN application yet ;) it works on all S60 3rd edition devices, and the best thing is that it's FREE FREE FREE
it's a Messender and hotmail client (i searched alot to get my hotmail account on my N95 but i failed) this is the solution that works for me
- download it from Here (updated link for download)
- install WindowsLive.SIS and than dep.sisx

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

n95 WOM World

Friday, July 20, 2007

Making builtin IM work

at last i find a way in the internet to make builtin IM to work
1- Just hop over to and register (click fetch contacts if you want to get them)
2- you will got an email with password and login with them
3- open IM on mobile and define new server with the following:

Server Name: anyname
Access Point: select the one you use to internet.
Web Address:
User ID: your username
Password: your password

for more info:

I'm having problems these days connecting to the MSN either contacts not shown or the contacts is always shown offline, but i dont have problems with yahoo account

Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Firmware Upgrade 12.0.013

yesterday i find a new update for my n95
first i run the nokiaupdate tool and it find a new version (about 50mb) then i run it again it found a new firmware update (it's 112 MB strange)
after that the mobile restarted and i lost all i have on it ;)
- after update i couldnot connect to the mobile with datalink and i found that the default on my pc for connection is not to use the datalink :)
- i have an error on my mobile every time i connect it to my pc and the pc try to get the photos saying "cannot install from memeory card" cannot find solution yet
- upgrade add new applications to download section on mobile like "mail for exchange"
- all the application that i was installed on my memory card did not recognized and i had to install from the start

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Nokia N95 reiew

- Camera
specifications (Resolution: 2582 x 1944 pixels, CMOS sensor, Mechanical shutter:1/1000 to 1/3s, Focal length: 5.6 mm, F-Stop/Aperture: f/2.8, Focus range: 10 cm to infinity, Auto Focus, Carl Zeiss Optics, Flash, Red-Eye Reduction)
but can we say that we can leave the digital camera at home and use out n95 one, to answer this i had to take alot of pics with different situation to see (i already got n95 to stop carrying my digital cam with me)
here is some pics to see:

how it work:
open the lens cover and it will bring the camera sw, the thing i liked it will come horizontal and u can use the camera button as u use any digital cam
there is a list of icons in the right that is used for:
  • scene mode (auto, user, landscape, close-up (macro, very useful, auto-focus then works down to about 7cm), etc.)
  • flash mode (auto, on, off, red-eye reduct)
  • self-timer, sequence mode (for arty effects)
  • exposure adjustment (+2 to -2EV at 0.5 step, excellent for shooting important shots on very sunny days)
  • white balance
  • colour tone
  • light sensitivity (ISO)
  • contrast
  • sharpness (edge enhancement)
the problem with this cam is that it has no optical zoom, i dont prefer the digital zoom as it destroy the pics, so for me if i want to zoom i go near :)
the size of the pics is too big for me so i guess 3 megapixel is enough for me for now

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


1- when downloading Nokia MapLoader and trying to install it gives "program to big to fit in memory
solution: uncompress the exe file "i use winrar" and you get a folder with maploader exe file run it and it will install
2- i used to synchronize my imate with microsoft outlook, now when i got my n95 tried to synch with MS outlook to get all my contacts, i got them with no numbers only the names
solution: not yet
3-you can hard reset N95 by entering the following code *#7370# followed by the default lock code 12345
4- another way to reset N95 by Pressing and holding [3], [GREEN] and [*] while powering on and wait for the hands to join up
5- after upgrading the mobile i tried to upload the maps by nokia maploader but it allways failed with cant find mobile i found on nokia website that 2 things should be done before uploading maps to phone - connect in mass storage mode, and run the map application on nokia once before uploading maps

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

i just got my new nokia N95

This Blog is dedicated for the testing my new Nokia N95 mobile
if you have any questions just post it here and i'll try to answer asap
Nokia N95 Specifications :
- 5 mega-pixel camera with auto-focus and flash
- 30 frames per second 640x480 video recording
- GPS and turn-by-turn directions
- wireless stereo
- IM clients
- secondry camera for video calling
- MMS support
- VOIP internet calling
- ....
i got my N95 with the latest firmware so i dont have all the problems that is in the old firmwares, my concern is mainly with GPS, battery, and the heat ;)