Tuesday, December 11, 2007

new nokia N95 firmware 20.0.015 released

This software version includes battery, stability & performance improvements enabling you to run faster and longer - giving you up to three more hours of music (up to 30% increase, from 9h to 12h of music playback). This release also includes a new version of Nokia Maps which provides faster positioning, faster Map Loader, and free 3-day navigation. Free N-Gage demo games are included and other games are available via Download! With the Nokia Music Store now live in the United Kingdom, users can enjoy the convenience of instant over-the-air downloads, regardless of where they are.

After updating your device software to 20.0.015, and restoring your personal data, you can optimise the menu layout by installing the New_Menu_Structure.SIS file. Download and install this file to rearrange your menu layout specifically for SW 20.0.015. Reboot your device to see the menu changes.

the file is only needed if you have restored your configuration after upgrade to the new firmware
When you restore data, it changed the directory structure from the new V20.... structure back to how it was in V12.....
and this file New_Menu_Structure.SIS file recreates the new directory structure.