Thursday, August 27, 2009

RomPatcher 0.8 Plus BETA

RomPatcher+ is an improved and fixed version of the RomPatcher software developed by ZoRn
This is the list of the main differences in comparison with RomPatcher by ZoRn:
- New: it is now possible to apply/remove patches with just 1 click.
- New: added vertical scrollbar.
- New: introduced support for a new tag: "+SuperPage" which allow to patch the RAM area where is stored the SuperPage.
- New: two new options available "Dump Rom" and "Dump SuperPage".
- Fixed: Kern-Exec0 error when closing RomPatcher after a patch was applied.
- Fixed: doesn't unexpectedly crash when using large and complex patches.
- Improved: the shadow ram memory is now fully released when a patch is removed.
- Improved: better compatibility (supports the new OmniaHD and probably future devices).
- Improved: the "Patch Info..." option shows all the information lines contained in the patch.
What's NEW?
+ New: "Patch Info" option is now available and working.
+ New: An official webpage for RomPatcher+ has been created.
+ Fixed: The autostart configuration get corrupted after a while.
+ Fixed: DumpRom command now correctly unlock the file if the operation is cancelled
+ Improved: Removed the version number information from the "System Info" menu'. (it is already shown in the menu' About...)
+ Improved: Changed the order of the options in the menu' to make easier to select "Add to Auto / Remove from Auto"
+ Improved: Updated credits.
+ Removed: DisableCaps.rmp and Open4All.rmp patches have been removed.

How to install
There are 3 different ways to install RomPatcher+
1) If your phone has been hacked to allow installation of unsigned .sis then install RomPatcherPlus0.8.sis
2) If your phone has been hacked and has the Leftup root ca, then sign the RomPatcherPlus0.8.sis using the Leftup certificate and install it.
3) Otherwise, you can sign and install the "Lite Version", using a DevCert or OpenSigned Online. But, in this case, you MUST also manually copy the patcher.ldd in c:\sys\bin\ folder
Currently RomPatcher+ is in BETA stage, so, use it at you own risk!
If you apply the same patch with both rp and rp+, it will be successfully applied only by the first one, the other will report the red icon error

Download Here

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