Thursday, August 27, 2009

Game & Watch Simulator v0.3 S60v3 SymbianOS9.x Signed by Hitnrun

This is a generic engine for simulation of Game & Watch-like games, created by Hitnrun, starting with ports of the Madrigal Game & Watch Simulators (, with permission. It is designed to run anywhere SDL is available, with emphasis in handheld machines.

As for the Madrigal simulators, the simulation is aimed to be as close as possible to the real machine, simulating on-off, ACL mode, time modes, etc. Alarm and chrono modes only display default data, as there is not enough motivation for its simulation. Currently missing but in the TODO list is hiscore keeping.

Currently there are simulators for 6 VTech games.

The s60 port should work the same as the desktop version, but as the screen is only 320x240, the screen is scrolled to the game screen area, no resizing is done.

Menu keys:
ARROW KEYS - Move selection
C (clear) - Exit

In-game keys:
C (clear) - Exit
LEFT SELECTION KEY - Turn on/off toggle
1 - Game A
2 - Game B
3 - Time
LEFT ARROW - Move left
RIGHT ARROW - Move right

Download Here
Download Here
Download Here

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