Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is a media player from Microsoft and called as windows media player which allows us to play various audio and video files on our mobiles.

This windows media player can play the files with extensions MP3s, WMAs and WMVs and many more formats.

And it is a full version.

Just follow the instruction given bellow to play files on your mobile.

1) when u succesfully install this, go to now playing.

2) go to playlist

3) menu, add files

4) go E:/, sound, digital, choose ur song & it will display a "added" word.

5) lastly press all the way back, then menu, finish.

This Windows media player is available for phones with 240 X 320, 176 X 220.

Download the appropriate file for your model.

DOWNLOAD 240 X 320

DOWNLOAD 176 X 220


Drew Weber said...

high: I understand that this Windows Media Player Ap can play local files, stored on the phones memmory, but can this ap stream audio from either internet or intranet? yes, I am talking about a WMA stream.

AKAAL said...

i have n95 and i want it play files with WMV ext so i guess i need windows player to play this formet so plz tell me how can i downlaod windows player plz reply thanks

waelaase said...

you can download the application from the 2 links in the end of the post

Riyas said...
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Riyas said...

its neither playing wmv(not even detecting .wmv files) nor any other video files (mp4 or avi) by the way it plays the sound of mp4 files no video.....BIG DEAL huhhh...