Tuesday, July 8, 2008

mobile web server

it's a project to port the Apache web server to the symbian operating system,
The project was subsequently handed over to the open source community
Nokia have recently wrapped the web server as user friendly software with a supporting website: www.mymobilesite.net.
i've tried it on my nokia N95 and amazingly it provides complete access to the contents of my mobile phone via the web
i use the pc browser and load a web page then i can control my phone completely from the web site

Installing the mobile web server software on your phone, allows you to use the software on any number of devices…your phone; a desktop client with web browser; a games console; or any other internet enabled device, even someone else’s mobile phone

as the number of mobile phones is greater than all web servers in the internet, imagine if every mobile phone has a web server, it will make a new bigger internet and it will change how the internet evolve

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