Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rotate Me V 2.10 signed(shoud be opensign to use)

- Auto-rotation of the screen ( in portrait (0°) and landscape (90°) )
- NEW: A hotkey to activate/deactivate auto-rotation: Press pen + camera
- To reduce the battery consumption, auto-rotation is deactivated:
* After a delay of inactivity defined in the settings
* During a phone call (New in this beta: Also during dialing)
* When the keypad is locked
- NEW: A user interface
- NEW: Settings: * Sensitivity: Better than words, look at this schema:

* Reactivity: 30 (high): The screen will rotate as soon as the phone is in landscape / portrait postion (according to the sensitivity range) 0 (low): You have to keep the phone rotated for a while Low reactivity prevents unwanted rotation when the phone is shaked
* Auto Start: Auto launch rotateMe at phone boot
* Inactivity Delay: After this inactivity delay, auto-rotation will be stopped. Press a key to reactivate auto-rotation
* Priority: High priority allow a better reactivity when big apps are launched * System App. : When activated, prevent rotateMe to be closed by the OS in low RAM conditions

This application work on N95, N95 8Gb and N82.
A special version (v1.50) for N80, N73, E65, N81... without auto-rotation is at work



Anonymous said...

The one and only that worked for me (N95 classic) with Symbian Open Signed Online ;-)

impulse said...

Very Nice, I also worked for my Nokia n95

T.R.E.N.T. said...

hey, i cant get it to work on mine... can you help? thanks

waelaase said...

Hi t.r.e.n.t.
you have to sign it using
Symbian Open Signed Online
just head to the website and upload the file
you will get in your email a file signed that you can install
please try and tell me if you have any problems

Anonymous said...

Where can i get an email address that it will accept?

waelaase said...

if you cannot sign nokia software
there is another way to do this
check this link

Anonymous said...

Thnks man its vork on my N95

waelaase said...

thank you
I'm happy it worked

anks said...

thanks a lot waelasse :)

Tiberiu said...

I succeed installing the file, but when I try to open it, it does absolute nothing. what could be the the problem, or how can i make it work? Thank you

butanz said...

this works..thanks man :)