Friday, March 27, 2009

Using N95 as modem for Ubuntu 8.10

After a comment in my old post of how to use N95 as modem under linux
that N85 under Ubuntu Ultimate edition (2.0) is working by just connecting it
I tried today to connect N95 to Ubuntu 8.10 and it worked perfectly

This is how it worked
- connect the phone and select PC suite on the phone
- Ubuntu discovered the phone and knew the model
- I clicked configure the phone
- Ubuntu found the country and operators
- I selected the operator

and I'm online using the 3g connection of the Phone
thanks to Ubuntu it's the best OS ever

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Dietrich said...

You can make your N95 into an infrastructure wireless access point with Joikuspot:

It will then appear as an access point in your wireless list and can be attached to concurrently.