Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Name Any Tune With Shazam iD

this application may be old, but i just found it, it seems mazing
Shazam iD, an application that gives you the title and artist of any song playing wherever you are. Your phone listens to a few seconds of the song, analyzes it, searches some database online, then shows the information all within a few seconds. I’m dumbfounded how it’s possible, but this really cool to show off!
Shazam iD Shazam iD
Shazam iD on S60 Shazam ID on Nokia S60


The official Shazam site says it is only available to UK users and can only be downloaded by sending an SMS first. But there are other ways to download that app if you are not in the UK… try this Nokia Mosh download link or this S60 download link.

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