Thursday, January 1, 2009

install unsigned application on Nokia N95 8GB V30.0.018

This is the way worked for my new N95 8gb

Step 1: Install all applications in the link (x-plore, CapsOff, CapsOn, and HelloCarbide)

Step 2: Copy installserver.exe and CProfDriver_SISX.ldd into memory card

Step 2: Launch X-plore, press “0″. Tick Show hidden files, Show ROM drives, Show RAM drives and Show system files/folders. Exit the configuration, and let X-plore run in the background.

Step 3: Run HelloCarbide, and select Menu1. Select Yes when a message appears.

Step 4: Open X-plore, move E:\installserver.exe and E:\CProfDriver_SISX.ldd to C:\sys\bin

Step 5: Restart phone.

Step 6: Install CapsOff and CapsOn. CapsOff enables you to see and travel through hidden/restricted directories. CapsOn turns back to normal. Remember to always run CapsOn everytime you’re done viewing/copying restricted folders.

Done!! You can install all unsigned applications and games from now on. Enjoy~!!

Download link:

Credits to Drakkarious and FCA00000


Anonymous said...

I followed your instructions but I do not have a BIN folder in sys! What can it be?

waelaase said...

you should not close the x-plore application
after clicking 0 and select the show close configuration and keep the x-plorer application running
run HelloCarbide and after finishing with it, go back to x-plore and you will find the c;/SYS folder has subfolders
try it again and tell me what happened

Anonymous said...

yes dude it works but only 1 problem i found that the application which it install shows as corrupted, wen i delete in bin files application then i got my installation back... no work in N73 mobile

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem - the BIN folder was never made.
Some HelloCarbide versions don't do anything at all, others ask me several different questions which I anser with Yes, but still no BIN folder (and I didn't close XPlore_S60_3rd)
Even tried with the ROMPatcher, but that didn't work either...

Anonymous said...

can i hack my mobile which is nokia 6120 classic
If yes then send me all the softwares by email i will be highly obliged to you
also send me the procedure of installing
I have searched alote but i couldn't find
waiting for your hopefull reply
Best regards
ahmed saeed

Anonymous said...

help.. im a n95classic user ..when i start hellocarbide nothing happends..just sends me back to menu...i tried updated the firmware and repeated the procedure still nothing happends..what could be the problem... i did every step and runned it while the xplorer is open.. please someone help m e

Medhat said...

I have also almost the same problem, when i try to make c:\sys\bin directory, i get the message "can't make dir". I did every step and runned it while the xplorer is open just like the readme file.

Anonymous said...

type in *#0000# on your N95 and if on the 1st line you have 31.0.015 or above this method probably will not work!

waelaase said...

this method only tested on version 30.0.018

Anonymous said...

heeey man plz post dis hack for n95 8gb v31.0.015