Tuesday, March 18, 2008

N95 + Python + Sensor = Magic

i have tried it
allot of python scripts that show the capabilities of the N95 Sensor
i'll try to add all these scripts here so you can try
in the next post i'll try to describe the sensor API with a tutorial for using it (Hope so)

first you need to install Python for S60 from here
second you need to install Python Script from here
create a folder called python on the memory card and add the python scripts in it
from python program run the script

1-Accelerometer Graphing
a other tool for the N95 Accelerometer


2-N95 acceleroball demo
a modification for the ‘ball.py’ example that ships with Nokia’s distribution of Python for Series 60 to move using the sensor

3- N95 sensor - Rotation sensor
Program an application that uses the built-in sensor of the N95 device as a rotation sensor. When turning the phone to the left, right, up, down, the application should trigger a pop-up note telling left, right, up, down respectively

4- pyPoziomica
Allows you to use your phone as a level tool

5- BallGame
A fun game the requires you to move to move a ball bearing through a maze.
**!! Sign the PythonScriptShell_1_4_1_3rdEd.sis & PythonForS60_1_4_1_3rdEd.SIS!!**
1. Install and aXYZ module by Cyke64.
2. Install Python Shell.
2. Copy the accserver2.py script to the Python scripts folder.
3. Put Python in background and start the BallGame midlet.
Just post a comment if you need any help.

the rest of the application will come soon after i test them

if you have a script that is not listed here please add to complete the list


havoc said...

it ws reali helpful...bt 1stly i cannot download nethn 4m Rapidshare..so cud i noe ne oda way 2 download dese softwares or ne oda direct linkS?... 2ndly cud u help me get Python Shell and Python app...cz da python.sis file i hav dsnt create any folder in ma fone...n daz hw sm thngs r not working...! ..i'l b gr8ful if u cud help me...thnx a tonne!

waelaase said...

I dont have any direct links for the scripts but you can serach them with filenames
you have to install both python and python scripts to find a link to run python script

havoc said...

thnx 4 dat...! ..neway i hav found sm apps dat use python..n i evn tried installing dem bt un4tun8ly dey don actly wrk...as in ven i install dem it shows smthn like 'certificate error, contact the application supplier' or smthn lyk dat...! ..so cud i overcum dis prom if psbl..i wud lyk 2 noe hw if is!...thnx again!

Anonymous said...

How about you speak English havoc! People might actually help you!

waelaase said...

Hello Havoc
if the application gives you certification error
then it's either not signed or signed for other mobile
so if it's not signed you have to sign it either by open sign or through the hack
both ways is described in this blog

Charo said...

People should read this.

Tony Shin said...

hey can you put it step by step on a video, after i knew about the python stuff i got confused because all those stuff i installed didnt work...?

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