Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Auto Rotate screen in nokia N95

yeah it's true, no you can see autorotate of the N95 screen like IPHONE
is a freeware application for symbian OS 3rd edition devices, which allow you to switch your phone screen from portrait to landscape and vice versa with the Auto rotation feature for N95
Auto rotation
when you turn your device, the screen automatically rotates.

Watch Demo



Anonymous said...

Hello & Thanx ,
This is Mr. Sajid K
I tried ur AutoRotate screen for Nokia N95, but on my N95 is it not working, there are 2 .sis files the one N95Accelerator gets installed but the other file is not getting installed, it shows "Certificate error" i even tried to install after changing the date in my handset to previous yesr & I ALSO CHANGED THE SETTINGS IN APPLICATION MANAGER TO INSTALL ALL APPLICATIONS SIGNED & UNSIGNED but the same error it gives so can u pls help me. Sajid

waelaase said...

HI Mr. Sajid
you have to sign the second file using your EMEI number
just search for "how to sign nokia application"
I'll try to write about signing nokia application soon

Rose Lee said...

Great information dear. sharing stuff about Rotate Nokia Mobile Phone Screen From Landscape View to Portrait