Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cyber Talents 2017 Challenges - "LOTR Hero Mania" Solution

LOTR Hero Mania

lord of the rings addict is the user of this application, can you find the creds?, the key is the md5(userpass)

Challenge Link: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/talentchallenges/Reverse/app.apk.zip

Download the APK and decompile it (i use online APD decompiler)
open the java file named MainActivity.java

compare line
if (user.compareTo(MainActivity.this.getUser()) == 0 && pass.compareTo(MainActivity.this.getPass()) == 0) {
getUser function
private String getUser() {
        String resp = this.weezy > 152 ? "Legolas" : "Aragon";
        this.weezy += 100;
        return resp;
getPass function
private String getPass() {
        return this.weezy > 152 ? "Saruman" : "Gandalf";
so the user is Legolas and the password is Saruman
get the MD5 of LegolasSaruman provide the code

we get the code "d710d29360684aef13ea7cdfecf63a3a"

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