Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Geolocation API and new service from whereinme.com

"The W3C Geolocation API is an effort by the W3C to standardize an interface to retrieve the geographical location information for a client-side device" information from wikipedia site

a new service from whereinme.com to allow users using devices supporting the geolocation api to add new POIs using their own location.
first you need to register to the site here then you can connect to the site from your mobile and add the information of the POI and it will be saved using you current GPS location

this is tested on:
1- N900 with the built-in web browser and maemo-geolocation extension and
2- Iphone 4 with built-in web browser
3- Samsung Galaxy S / Android 2.2 (Updated 29/11/2010)

whereinme.com is a community POIs with categories, ranking, and comments

try it and tell me if it works on your mobile

the web site will ask you to allow it to find your location, so you need to accept it

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ezabi said...

أخيرا فهمتني يا وديع
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