Tuesday, January 5, 2010

facebook messages about BINSSERVICESONLINE .INFO

i keep getting messages from friends about this web site
it seems either a spam or a virus

here is a sample of two messages
"hey what's up? was just chatting with Abdulla and they asked me if you know about BINSSERVICESONLINE .INFO or not"

"Abdallah mentioned you might be interested in this BINSSERVICESSTORE .INFO"

if anyone have more info please add it here

thank you


jozacg said...

Abram mentioned you might be interested in this BINSSERVICESSTORE .INFO
Sent via Facebook Mobile

Anonymous said...

Ajay wanted me to send this to you BINSSERVICESSTORE .INFO

Anonymous said...

Its a phishing virus... I had the same message sent to all my facebook contacts without my knowledge, only difference is that the name chosen for me was 'Alex'

Anonymous said...

same... i searched the web address because i suspected it.

only difference was that the name i was given was ''abigail''

easy way to check is to look at the contacts, if its all alphabetical order.. and the person sending you the inbox message is out of the ordinary.. then like me, you should suspect its a virus or spam of some sort.

ezabi said...

It's a SPAM/SCAM/Phishing agent
pretty interesting
Google it and see what people are saying about it
Worth visiting from a safe station (i.e.Linux) and check what exactly is it trying to do.

By first looks it seems like the work from home google scam ads

ezabi said...

the interesting part about the page's code is that it modifies its content based on the geoip data.

for example in the main page it has this string: "The Al Qahirah Financial Journal"

Have a look at the page's code to find it was coded to reflect your location (could not paste the code here since it's not allowed)

Parker said...

I love all the gushing fake comments on that page, followed by fake Viagra spam and then a "comments closed due to spam" message. It's so brazen in its lie.

I've gotten the Facebook messages from two completely unrelated friends of mine this week. Neither of them were willing participants, obviously. I haven't heard from either of them yet as to the details of how it's propagating. Possibly my friends just had easily guessed Facebook passwords, or got hit with viruses that took advantage of their active browser sessions. However it spreads, this thing seems to be building up steam.

I have a good password and use a Mac, so I don't think I'm at risk here. Should be interesting to watch though, as long as it doesn't become *too* prevalent and annoying. I'm still taken aback at the impudence of whoever's behind it.

Anonymous said...

hey so this spam just hit my inbox with a message like the ones you guys got. so what does it do? is it just there to be annoying? i opened the message so if its a virus it would probably be on my computer right?