Monday, September 21, 2009

using dreambox as Tuner for Mythtv (Ubuntu)

This is a How To for using Dreambox as a Tuner for Mythtv on Ubuntu

1- Install Ubuntu

there is allot of resources for this (i use 9.04)

2- Install Mythtv

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install mythtv

It will take a few minutes to download and install. It will pops up a few dialogues:

  • It will ask you for a password for the MySQL root user. It is strongly recommended that you leave this blank. Specifying a password here has been known to cause database access problems later on. It may seem insecure, but on your home network should be okay.
  • The second screen asks whether you want to allow remote connections to your backend. As a rule, that's not something I would usually recommend (ouch!), but as long as your MythTV box is behind a firewall I suggest that you answer "Yes" - it will make it much easier if you want to add a separate frontend in the future.
  • It then gives some information regarding running mythtv-setup to complete the process - we'll go through that in the next section.
  • It then asks you again whether you want to specify a password for the MySQL root user. Again leave this blank unless you know what you're doing.
  • The installation process has generated a password for your user to log into the MySQL database. See the file /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt. You won't need this yet, but it's worth bearing in mind.
3- MythTV Setup

Capture Card

Select (New capture card). For a DVB card, change the Card Type to "DBOX2 TCP/IP cable box".

add the ip of the dreambox

leave all other values

Video source

This defines the source of the schedule listings. I dont know exactly what to do here but i make it EIT and named it w

Input Connections

This associates our Dreambox with the video source. Set the Video source to the one we've just defined, "w".

as i did not yet find a way to scan channels, so we will do a manual chaned edit

Channel edit

Select new channel
add channel name, channel number, Video source "w"
you can get the channel number from the decoder channel list

5- Testing the Configuration

Now you can exit the setup utility. It will ask you if you want to run mythfilldatabase. Answer NO.

Now run a MythTV Frontend from the menu: Applications->Sound & Video->MythTV Frontend

Select "Watch TV"

that is all for now, i'll keep updating it

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