Sunday, December 21, 2008

moving from N95 to N95-2 8gb

some people think it's too late to do this move, but i was happy with the N95 i had
i only had 3 problems with it
1- the speed of it
2- the annoying signed installing application
3- the battery life
i changed it to the N95-2 8gb
from the first look i still guess it's the same speed or a bit slower
the battery life is enhanced but not too good for me still need to at least charge it daily
and ofcourse the signed application problem still there
from the first look
it has a bigger screen, and battery
the navigation keys is a bit small (this is annoying for me)
and the camera is with no protection now (i used to open the cap so the camera application works this was good for me)
i'll keep you updated after upgrading to the latest version
the best thing about it is i have a 6 months of navigation free (for the old one i had 3 days)

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