Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nokia barcode reader

I wondered many times what the Barcode application used for
and i usually try to use it but failed
and after i read this article
Google Android Will Chane your shopping Experience
i start to search about it
open your Nokia bar code reader application and try to read this

what you got
this is a way to use it
you can create you own Barcode from
Nokia Barcode generator
I'll dig a little about it and what we can use it for
for now enjoy hiding data to your friends in your signature ;)


Anonymous said...

so can u scan barcodes that shops use using the nokia n95 barcode reader?

waelaase said...

No you cannot use it to scan the barcodes in the shops.

Anonymous said...

It does not read 1D barcode. Only 2D barcode like the one posted above.