Thursday, October 4, 2007

New GPS Community in Egypt

While searching for good maps for the N95 i found this site called GPS EGYPT.
i found at the web site GPS software for windows, windows mobile, pocket PC, and windows CE
i contacted them asking for if this software will be available for Nokia N95
and i got the following
"We should have the S60 (Nokia) version available in about 1 week. Please check the website frequently as we are about to release a free trial version."
the site has a forum and some data about the company
so it's a great news for Egyptians needing good maps
and we will wait to see


Anonymous said...

I just got a nokia E71, and i was testing its GPS functionality today after downloading the map for Egypt from nokia maps using their map uploader software available on their website. I found it to be very good, accurate and detailed. I was cruising in Heliopolis (masr el gedida) and it knew almost all the street names, even knew the building numbers. the only downside is that turn by turn navigation costs money, so any news about free software that does that?

waelaase said...

I did not find any free software for navigation
but there is a cracked version of nokia maps that i tried and it worked